Summer Internship (Evaluating Applications)

NOTE: The deadline to apply has past.

We are currently evaluating applicants. If you have already applied, you should have received confirmation from us.

We expect to make our selection by May 8th, 2019.

Position: Podcast Production Internship
Company:  Fovea, LLC (producers of the Campus Energy and Sustainability Podcast)
: Work-from-home
Duration: 12-week period in the summer of 2019 (dates negotiable)
Salary: Core duties: 10-15 hrs / week @ $15/hr;
Focused Project: Unpaid internship. ~30-40 hrs total over the 12-week period.

Overview: The Campus Energy and Sustainability Podcast is looking for a creative, inquisitive summer intern. This role includes an opportunity for paid work-experience as well as an un-paid focused, creative project that you can design, supported and mentored by our team. If you want to start a career in sustainability and/or podcasting this is a great way to kick-start your career.

Candidates must have:

  • An interest in the broad field of sustainability.

  • Excellent writing and communication skills.

  • An ability to create structure and compelling narrative from loose ideas and concepts

  • ~10-15 hours a week available for 12 weeks over the summer (Specific schedule negotiable.)

  • Solid computer skills and a general comfort with learning new technologies.

  • Ability to work independently with regular, remote (web-conference) check-ins with supervisor.

  • Legal work status in the United States, or ability to work as an independent contractor in Canada

The ideal candidate should have:

  • Experience volunteering or working with a college/university/corp. sustainability department, student group or other sustainability related organization.

  • Experience in media or performance (e.g. school paper, drama, music, debate, creative writing.)

  • Bonus: Any experience with (in no particular order) sound editing, sound recording, website content management, project management

Core Duties:       Hourly, paid task where we need help to maintain current production of the podcast:

  • Podcast Production Planning

    • Developing and managing production schedule including scheduling, planning/production interviews, ensuring topic/guest diversity.

    • Creating show outline scripts based on planning calls and preliminary recordings including introductions, transitions and core questions.

  • Podcast Web and Social Media Content Development

    • Creating written content for podcast website (engaging titles, summary blurbs, etc.)

    • Working with guests to gather supplemental “learn more” links/content.

    • Creating posts for Twitter, LinkedIn, email mailing list, etc.

  • Other support tasks (depending on needs of the show, your specific skills and interest)

    • Support for editing raw recordings (we use Audacity)

    • Support for website management (we use Squarespace)

    • Support for recording (basic training required.)

Focused Project: In the spirit of an internship, we hope to provide an opportunity for you to have something tangible that you can point to at the end of the internship. This part of the internship is not paid except for the extent it overlaps with core duties. The specific project is flexible based on your specific interest. Examples might include producing a full episode, including concept, guest selection, etc. Producing a series of “spot-light topics” included shorts before long-form interviews, etc. The focused project should be:

  • Something that can be completed within the internship period.

  • Something associated with the current theme (campus energy and sustainability) of the podcast.

  • Something that brings your unique perspective.

To apply: Please provide the following:

  • Resume (PDF, please limit to no more than 2 pages)

  • Writing example (PDF)

    • Please answer the following questions:

      • What do you hope to learn from the internship? (1-5 sentences)

      • What interests you about sustainability? (1-5 sentences)

    • Please pick 1 existing episode and create a 1-2 paragraph (~150-300 word) summary to entice others to listen.  Feel free to suggest an alternative title.

  • Focused Project Idea

    • Pitch an idea you are interested in for the Focused Project. You can change your mind later if you are selected, but we are interested in learning what unique perspective you might bring. (1-2 paragraphs)

Contact: Email questions and/or your application to:

Application Deadline: 5:00pm PDT April 30th, 2019 (The deadline has passed.)

Selection criteria: We will evaluate applications using the following weighting criteria to select candidates to interview:

  • 25% - Resume

  • 45% - Writing Sample

  • 30% - Focused Project Idea

Selected candidates will be asked to provide 2 personal references we may contact.