Episode 24: Sustainable Food Systems at UNC-Chapel Hill

Laura Mindlin ,  Claire Lorch , and  Scott Myers  of UNC-Chapel Hill

Laura Mindlin, Claire Lorch, and Scott Myers of UNC-Chapel Hill


Claire Lorch
Garden Manager and Education Coordinator, Carolina Campus Community Garden

Laura Mindlin
Coordinator, Edible Campus UNC

Scott Myers
Director of Auxiliary Services, UNC-Chapel Hill

Host: Kaia Findlay
Podcast and Communications Manager, Campus Energy and Sustainability Podcast

Feeding a campus is no small task. Tackling sustainability in that campus’ food system -- a system that encompasses the growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, transporting, marketing, consumption and disposal of food -- isn’t either.

In this episode, the Campus Energy and Sustainability Podcast’s new manager, Kaia Findlay, explores what makes food systems sustainable at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill with three interviewees, each working with a different food-related organization on campus: Laura Mindlin, coordinator for Edible Campus UNC; Claire Lorch, garden manager and education coordinator for the Carolina Campus Community Garden; and Scott Myers, director of auxiliary services for UNC. The interviewees discuss the role their organization plays in the food system on campus and their efforts in sustainability, and as a group they reveal how the campus has addressed a variety of food-related issues and challenges.


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Episode 24: Sustainable Food Systems at UNC-Chapel Hill - Transcript