Episode 16: Reducing Waste and Increasing Reuse in Labs at Northwestern University

Julie Cahillane  (left)  Garry Cooper  (right)

Julie Cahillane (left) Garry Cooper (right)

Julie Cahillane
Sustainability Associate Director
Northwestern University

Garry Cooper, PhD
Rheaply, Inc.

Host: Dave Karlsgodt
Principal, Fovea, LLC

In this episode you’ll hear my interview with Julie Cahillane, Sustainability Associate Director at Northwestern University and Dr. Garry Cooper, adjunct professor at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine and CEO/Co-founder of Rheaply, Inc.

In our conversation you’ll hear how Garry has leveraged his experiences working in research laboratories, to start up a company that is helping institutions better manage their laboratory surplus supplies and under-utilized equipment.

Julie will discuss how Northwestern University is piloting Rheaply’s platform as part of their broader sustainability efforts to reduce waste and increase reuse in labs at Northwestern University.

Episode 15: Landfill-gas flaring project at Central College of Pella, Iowa

Brian Campbell (left) Rob McKenna (right)

Brian Campbell (left)
Rob McKenna (right)

Guest: Brian Campbell
Director of Sustainability Education
Central College of Pella, Iowa

Special Guest and Co-host: Rob McKenna
Principal, Fovea, LLC

Host: Dave Karlsgodt
Principal, Fovea, LLC

In this episode you’ll hear an interview with Brian Campbell, Director of Sustainability Education at Central College in Pella Iowa. We discuss Central College’s recent climate action plan with a focus on a unique landfill-gas flaring project that came out of that planning effort. Rob McKenna, a principal at Fovea and the consultant who lead this climate action planning effort, joins both as guest and co-host.

Fovea would like to give a special shout out to Energy Strategies and MEP Associates who were our partners and collaborators on this project.


Second Nature Carbon Commitment Signatory Distribution

During this podcast, Rob McKenna discusses how Central College with roughly 10,000 MTCO2e / year has a typical emissions profile among signatories to the Second Nature Carbon Commitment.

Episode 10: Repairing our Relationship to Stuff - Sandra Goldmark, Barnard College and Fixup

Sandra Goldmark, Barnard College and Fix-up Repair.

Sandra Goldmark, Barnard College and Fix-up Repair.

Guest: Sandra Goldmark
Director, Sustainability and Environment and Associate Professor of Professional Practice in Theatre at Barnard College;
Co-Founder of Fixup.

Host: Dave Karlsgodt, Principal, Fovea, LLC

In this episode you’ll hear my Feb 26th, 2018 interview with Sandra Goldmark. Sandra is the Sustainability Director at Barnard College in New York City. She is also a teacher, a theater set-designer a parent and the founder of Fix-up, a social enterprise repair service. As you’ll hear, Sandra is a 21 Century renaissance woman combining the disciplines of campus sustainability, the art and social entrepreneurship.  You’ll hear about her journey as she’s explored the humanity within our material culture.  Her story ebbs and flows between small-scale object like shower radios to big-scale ideas like how we might repair our global economic systems to better in-tune with our innate human values.

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