Episode 16: Reducing Waste and Increasing Reuse in Labs at Northwestern University

Julie Cahillane  (left)  Garry Cooper  (right)

Julie Cahillane (left) Garry Cooper (right)

Julie Cahillane
Sustainability Associate Director
Northwestern University

Garry Cooper, PhD
Rheaply, Inc.

Host: Dave Karlsgodt
Principal, Fovea, LLC

In this episode you’ll hear my interview with Julie Cahillane, Sustainability Associate Director at Northwestern University and Dr. Garry Cooper, adjunct professor at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine and CEO/Co-founder of Rheaply, Inc.

In our conversation you’ll hear how Garry has leveraged his experiences working in research laboratories, to start up a company that is helping institutions better manage their laboratory surplus supplies and under-utilized equipment.

Julie will discuss how Northwestern University is piloting Rheaply’s platform as part of their broader sustainability efforts to reduce waste and increase reuse in labs at Northwestern University.