Episode 2: Peter Kelly Detwiler - Exploring the relationship between campus energy systems and the local utility provider

Peter Kelly Detwiler

Peter Kelly Detwiler

Guest: Peter Kelly Detwiler
Host: Jason Delambre

This episode was recorded by my friend and podcast collaborator Jason Delambre. Jason is a carbon & energy consultant based in Lexington Kentucky who assists utilities, cities, universities and organizations with sustainability-related projects and goals. Jason recorded this interview in early February 2017 with Boston-based energy consultant Peter Kelly Detwiler. In this interview, Jason and Peter explore the relationship between campus energy systems and the local utility provider, including the impact of demand-side management, peak demand charges and how utilities recoup their capital investments, the impact of co-generation, and the rapid rate of change in how energy is delivered to campuses.


  • More about Peter: http://northbridgeep.com/who-we-are/peter-kelly-detwiler/

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Episode 22: Peter Kelly Detwiler - Exploring the Relationship Between Campus Energy Systems and the Local Utility Provider - Transcript